Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Introductory Verses of the Vakyapadiya

The introductory kārikās of the Brahmakanda 
(Vakyapadiya; I, 1 - 4) 

1.  Brahman, which is without a beginning and an end, the essence of language, the imperishable syllable,  from which the world-process 'appears to unfold'  through a transformation into objects. 

2.  Which, celebrated as neither more nor less than One, becomes fragmented because of recourse to (its denotating) potentiality. Although undifferentiated it behaves as if differentiated because of its (denotative) potentials. 

3.  Dependent on the power of time, which has small divisions superimposed on it, are the six kinds of verbal activity, beginning with production (production, existence, transformation, growth, decay, and destruction), [these are] the origins of the divisions in Being. 

4.  The One, the seed of all, to whom this multiplicity belongs, remains in the form of the enjoyer, that which is enjoyed, and the enjoyment.

trans. from Sanskrit by MWright (2000), © all rights reserved.

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